About Us


We are a team made up of actual Firefighters and fitness professionals, dedicated to expanding physical potential and reducing the risk of injury.


Fire Athlete officially began in 2020. It started as a practical and realistic training model with the intention of creating real world training to meet the demands of the Fire Service and First Responders. Our system was designed after 15+ years, and more than 10,000 hours of coaching, programming, training, and teaching of over 500 candidates, recruits, and firefighters in various gyms and academies. We are a team made up of actual Firefighters, dedicated to expanding physical potential and reducing the risk of injury.

Our Mission

Fire Athlete builds real world programming for athletes looking to develop and expand their potential. Unlike other programming options, we focus on precise movements and training systems that propel the development, performance and strength of our athletes.

Our Method

Fire Athlete focuses on the whole athlete by refining the body’s metabolic pathways through the scientific foundation of 'Energy System Based Training'. In short, our program is designed based upon the real-world energy systems used on the fire ground, in the streets, and on the mountains. Each program we write is developed for you to not only survive, but dominate. We don't copy and paste. Our programs are designed for people like you.


Our professional instructors have passed through our rigorous process of physical and mental testing to represent Fire Athlete wherever they coach.


FireAthlete is founded through a combination of experiences in fitness, public safety, military, and overall health and wellness. Our focus is to prepare those trying to get on the job, improve the fitness of those on the job, and preserve the longterm health and wellness for those who wish to retire. With over a decade of fitness programming experience and education, FireAthlete coaches and programmers aren't just gym rats. Their lives, their crews lives, and the public they serve depend on their fitness, no different than you. This isn't fluff. This is real programming, for real public safety athletes.