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To proudly and effectively promote fitness in the Fire Service. On and off duty.

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The average firefighter adds anywhere from 70 to 100 pounds when in full gear. Pulling a charged hose line is the equivalent of dragging hundreds of pounds through a maze. You need a program that trains your body to move external weight, the right way. We design programs that help you develop the strength you’ll sustain throughout your career.


A typical house fire can last anywhere 2 to 3 hours. While in the fight you’ll go through various energy systems at constantly changing intervals. Proper and intelligent programming helps you maintain your readiness. Our programs are engineered to replicate the movements and work to rest intervals needed to thrive on the fire ground.


Your physical capabilities are necessary for survival throughout your career. What do you want your life after the fire service to look like? You can get to the end of your time in service and retire physically broken down, or you can enjoy it with a strong and healthy body. Our programming is designed not only to keep you performing on the job, but also for longevity for the years after.


This program helped me prepare and get through my academy. Can't recommend enough!

Randal Cyr

Feeling so much more confident thanks to your Push The Line program.

Erin Paxton

As a coach myself, this programming is incredible. I have told all my friends about it who are trying to get hired.

Kevin Hess

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